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Get involved in the campaign to end overfishing

European Fish Weeks is the opportunity to tell politicians to “end overfishing or fishing will be over". Politicians are responsible for making the decisions that will end overfishing; we have the responsibility to encourage and support them in making that decision. Make your voice heard by coming to a Fish Weeks event, organize your own event or get involved online!

In addition to Tweeting and Facebooking individual and/or human fish shape photo(s) from events and online activities, we are collecting the best images from around Europe to give to decisions-makers; making your voice heard where and when it matters.


Five minutes to spare?


1. Embed our widget on your website (below).



10 minutes to spare? Upload your individual fish photo

A great example of an individual fish
shape from Chorlitejo


 2. Take your photo (plus friends, family and colleagues).
 3. Name your photo (date-firstname-lastname-location-country.jpg).
 5. Add your photo(s) to Facebook.
 6. Tweet your photo #fishweeks @OCEAN2012EU @OCEAN2012IE @OCEAN2012UK @OCEAN2012ES





More time on your hands?

Join a Fish Weeks event or organize your own


Create your own human fish shape



 1. View the Flickr slideshow with a selection of the best fish shapes or check out our group pool for some inspiration.
 2. Download the fish shape.
 3. Organise your own event.
 4. Create your group fish shape and take a photo.
 5. Upload your photographs to our Flickr Pool.
 6. Add your photo to Facebook or tweet it with: #fishweeks @OCEAN2012EU @OCEAN2012IE @OCEAN2012UK @OCEAN2012ES.

More information

European Fish Weeks

Information is available in the following languages:

ελληνικά - Greek  



How Overfishing Impacts you - a series of briefings from OCEAN2012.



Do not hesitate to contact European Fish Weeks co-ordinator Kelly Agathos if you are interested in organising an event or have any questions.